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One of the leading, if not most important factors in successfully selling a property is the way it looks. And with nearly all buyers browsing through listings from their laptops, tablets and smartphones before ever connecting with a realtor, it’s become increasingly important to make the property look it’s best through high quality photographs. Don’t let someone click past your listing because it was poorly photographed resulting in dark images, distorted walls, bland colors and a narrow field of view.


But don’t just take my word for it. The results from The Digital House Hunt — a study conducted last year by the National Association of Realtors and Google – showed that 90% of homebuyers searched online during their home buying process, and real estate related searches grew by 253% in the last four years.


Another study in the Wall Street Journal which was performed by Redfin Corp, a Seattle-based brokerage, reported that professionally photographed homes sold for more money across the board, along with a higher rate of selling within six-months.


With McCall Media, you will receive the highest quality architectural photography made through the use of professional equipment, lenses specialized for architectural photography and years of training and expertise behind the camera and behind the editing process. The result is wide fields of view that showcase the entire space without distortion, vivid colors and clarity that rivals how the naked eye sees things.


McCall Media also provides aerial photography by an FAA-licensed and insured drone pilot utilizing a state-of-the-art drone system with 12MP HD camera. This is an excellent way to showcase waterfront properties, lots and homes on acreage.


A homebuyer’s initial impression of a property will be based from the photos they see in the listing. Why not make it a good impression?