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Matt + Kaity | Missoula, Montana | 05.30.15

It felt great to be back home to Montana for Matt and Kaity’s wedding at the Hilton Garden Inn. We snuck away to Greenough Park on the East Side of town for their first look and portraits before the ceremony. Green surroundings and a couple of cool little bridges made for an awesome location for their first look. The weather held out just long enough to get through all the portraits and back inside of the Hilton before a torrential downpour happened. The whole day went real smoothly and these two were a real pleasure to get to know and work with. Thanks Matt and Kaity; best wishes!



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Brian + Suzi | Missoula.MT | 08.25.12.

Ever see a bride ride a chair lift in a wedding dress?


I hadn’t either, until Brian and Suzi’s wedding last weekend. These two each rode the chairs to the top of the mountain separately to have their “first look” at the top. Awesome idea.


I was able to get some of the most unique wedding photos I think I’ve ever taken, riding in front of Suzi on the chairlifts snapping frames of her high above the ground with the vast Missoula Valley as a backdrop. We snapped a few portraits at the top of the mountain before the two rode back down together and I rode behind taking shots of the them together.


I say this all the time but I swear I get the best clients in the world. It’s one of my favorite things about this job — meeting new people and getting to hang out with them to tell the story of one of the biggest days of their lives. Brian and Suzi’s family and friends were so much fun to spend the day with. I knew when Suzi and I first talked about shooting their wedding and she told me she and Brian had been to a combined 100-something Phish shows, we’d get along just fine. At the end of the night, when things were dying down, Brian offered to buy me a beer (they had a tasty local IPA on tap). I sat and talked music with a couple of their friends and Brian took hold of the mic and took a moment to send a toast my way, commending me on how great I did and how glad they were to have found me for their photographer. Pretty awesome. People who begin as strangers become friends by the end of the day. And that’s probably my favorite thing about doing this.


I think we walked away with some pretty great photos out in the mountains of Western Montana and I can’t thank Brian and Suzi enough for being so awesome.


Congrats guys and I wish you well in your travels overseas!


Wedding_Brian_Suzi-9562.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9171.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9577.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9581.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9605.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9191.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9220.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9628.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9248.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9684.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9504.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9914.jpgc74-lodge details-2.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0097.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0207.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9372.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0193.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0222.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0148.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9383.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0180.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0261.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9422.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9497.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0596.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0521.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9778.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9310.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0697.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9512.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9523.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0805.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9623.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0337.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0651.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0827.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0704.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0894.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0913.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0933.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0949.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-1112.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9701.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9725.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-1148.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-1117.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9651.jpg

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Ansel Adams for a weekend

Ansel Adams had the coolest job ever.


Although shooting landscapes and scenic shots doesn’t do anything for paying my bills (outside of selling a few prints here and there), it is pretty fun.


I took a trip back home to Western Montana for Christmas and stopped at several places to grab some shots. It’s amazing the beauty you realize outdoors when you pull off the freeway and just look around. As I motored down the interstate early Thursday morning, I kept my eyes open for photo opportunities — which were everywhere. I grabbed the sunrise over Lake Coeur d’Alene, risked frostbite shooting the raging Clark Fork River, trudged through snow on Lookout Pass and wandered around the Pattee Canyon area of Missoula.


Landscapes are a really nice break from shooting the typical photojournalism, wedding and portrait stuff — the bread and butter my job. It’s not that I don’t love those assignments, but it’s nice to just wander around with a camera and have plenty of time to prepare for the shot.


Here’s a few of my favorites from the trip. I even threw a few film shots on here too for the hell of it. And just in case you’d like to support a struggling local photographer — all of these shots (along with plenty others) are available to purchase on my website under the “Buy Prints” tab.












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