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The Huntress

Last week I received a call from The Inlander to shoot some portraits of Amanda Lowrey, a female “huntress” in Sandpoint. We trekked around in the snow in some areas surrounding her home in the woods just north of Sandpoint. The article is in print in the current issue, or online here.






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Odds & Ends and Recent Work

The blog is back from the dead!


A while back my web hosting was interrupted for a few days which unfortunately resulted in the loss of some of my content and settings, leaving me unable to upload to my site. Everything has been restored and I’m finally able to upload photos again and make new blog postings, so you’ll notice many of my galleries have had some fresh stuff added.


I’m going to cover a lot in the blog post to get back up to speed.




I think I speak for most photographers when I say that photography is ever changing – and that goes for the business end of it as well. I’ve taken note of what my past wedding clientele have been looking for in their wedding photography and have molded my packages more closely around what I’ve learned from you guys.


I believe that simple is better, and with that philosophy I’ve overhauled my wedding packages, offering three distinct packages based solely on coverage amount and the subsequent amount of final photos delivered. I’ve left enlargements, second photographers, albums and any extras along those lines separate of the packages with the ability to add them on an a-la-carte basis.


Here is a link to my updated wedding photography pricing: 2013-14 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PRICING.


In addition to weddings, I’ve also provided a little more info and insight into my engagement, portrait and event pricing, all of which have their own price guides linked to the info pages on my site.


Speaking of weddings…




Spokane has some really great historical buildings to get hitched at, and the Bozarth Mansion is no exception. Add Meg and Pat to the mix — an awesome, easy-going couple  — and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect wedding to shoot. I really have the best clients in the world.


Thanks Meg + Pat for being so awesome and for letting me hang around for the day; it was a blast! Best of luck to you two!






The folks at Tomlinson Sotheby’s International Realty here in Coeur d’Alene have been keeping me busy shooting beautiful homes throughout North Idaho.


One thing that keeps photography fresh and exciting for me is the ability to shoot a variety of assignments. Architectural photography is something I had little experience with a few years ago, so it’s been fun gaining expertise and honing my skills in that area of photography.


If you or someone you know is a realtor and in need of professional photography for their listings, I have more information and a pricing guide here: REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY INFO


Here are some favorites from recent property shoots.






I’ve been working up an appetite lately shooting photos for some area pubs and restaurants, including Black Diamond Billiards, Syringa Japanese Cafe & Sushi Bar and Tony’s On The Lake.


It was also great to hear from Al Hurt of Silver Bullit Cafés again to shoot his latest restoration, a 1976 Kawasaki KZ900 café racer. We headed up to Arbor Crest Wine Cellars in the Spokane Foothills and had a pretty epic shoot of the two-wheeled beauty.


The folks down at Alpaca Direct in Hayden make some seriously awesome (and warm) hand-crafted clothing and it’s always fun shooting their new products. We headed down to Honeysuckle Beach this time and braved the cold to get some fresh photos of hats, gloves and scarves.


The Copper Mountain Band came back to Coeur d’Alene to play at the new Country Club and had me photograph their show. It’s always a lot of fun shooting these guys and the new establishment has a pretty nice stage and lighting setup which was a pleasant surprise.


I did my first-ever golf course shoot, photographing each of the 18 holes at the Black Rock Country Club on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Black Rock is truly a unique and amazing golf course and reminds me of why I love it up here in the Inland Northwest so much.


I had an abosulute BLAST covering the North Idaho Fair & Rodeo in Coeur d’Alene. The Kootenai County Fairgrounds handed me a small shot list, an all-access photo pass and turned me loose. It was truly a visual playground and a lot of fun stomping around the grounds making rectangles.


Here’s a little variety of the aforementioned stuff, along with a few snaps from a recent trip to Glacier National Park.



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Ian + Tara | Bainbridge Island.WA | 09.22.12

We got lucky.


When I booked Ian and Tara’s September wedding across the Peugeot Sound on Bainbridge Island, I was definitely a little leery about the weather. Turns out, Seattle had a string of unusually sunny weather leading up to their wedding, and their big day was no exception.


The location was pretty much awesome. I forgot how green everything is near the coast; and their wedding and reception was literally overlooking the ocean. Soft light filtered through the towering pines and thick brush to make some insanely good light for the formal portraits. By the time the ceremony began the sun was shining in full force and it was clear no rain was in sight.


Ian and Tara planned so many fun details. From the bright yellow ties worn by the gentleman, to the pinata bashing following the ceremony, to the mason jars filled with sangria, it was visually a fun, color-filled day.


I’ll always remember this wedding as the wedding where literally everyone was on the dance floor. I’ve never seen so many people just straight getting down on the dance floor as I did at Ian and Tara’s celebration. After some time, Tara insisted I put the camera away and join them, which I did. Fun times.


Ian and Tara were just great to work with and I feel honored to be a small part of their day. Congrats guys!


Tomorrow I have a wedding in Colbert, Washington with Drew and Maegan. After their rockin’ engagement session out there this summer I’m confident tomorrow will be a blast. Stay tuned for their blog post soon!


dress-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-11.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-3.jpgguy flowers-2.jpglace-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-19.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-5.jpgboquet-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-23.jpgfirst look-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-46.jpgb_g-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-51.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-39.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-48.jpgb_gformals-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-58.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-47.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-45.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-75.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-76.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-69.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-56.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-8.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-107.jpgbridesmaidsgroomsmen-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-106.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-143.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-132.jpgpinata-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-142.jpgcakes-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-179.jpgreceptiondetails-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-147.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-149.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-150.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-154.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-161.jpgkids-2.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-186.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-189.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-191.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-213.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-206.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-197.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-209.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-221.jpgWedding_Ian_Tara-1-224.jpg

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Brian + Suzi | Missoula.MT | 08.25.12.

Ever see a bride ride a chair lift in a wedding dress?


I hadn’t either, until Brian and Suzi’s wedding last weekend. These two each rode the chairs to the top of the mountain separately to have their “first look” at the top. Awesome idea.


I was able to get some of the most unique wedding photos I think I’ve ever taken, riding in front of Suzi on the chairlifts snapping frames of her high above the ground with the vast Missoula Valley as a backdrop. We snapped a few portraits at the top of the mountain before the two rode back down together and I rode behind taking shots of the them together.


I say this all the time but I swear I get the best clients in the world. It’s one of my favorite things about this job — meeting new people and getting to hang out with them to tell the story of one of the biggest days of their lives. Brian and Suzi’s family and friends were so much fun to spend the day with. I knew when Suzi and I first talked about shooting their wedding and she told me she and Brian had been to a combined 100-something Phish shows, we’d get along just fine. At the end of the night, when things were dying down, Brian offered to buy me a beer (they had a tasty local IPA on tap). I sat and talked music with a couple of their friends and Brian took hold of the mic and took a moment to send a toast my way, commending me on how great I did and how glad they were to have found me for their photographer. Pretty awesome. People who begin as strangers become friends by the end of the day. And that’s probably my favorite thing about doing this.


I think we walked away with some pretty great photos out in the mountains of Western Montana and I can’t thank Brian and Suzi enough for being so awesome.


Congrats guys and I wish you well in your travels overseas!


Wedding_Brian_Suzi-9562.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9171.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9577.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9581.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9605.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9191.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9220.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9628.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9248.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9684.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9504.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9914.jpgc74-lodge details-2.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0097.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0207.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9372.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0193.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0222.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0148.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9383.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0180.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0261.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9422.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9497.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0596.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0521.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9778.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9310.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0697.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9512.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9523.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0805.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9623.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0337.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0651.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0827.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0704.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0894.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0913.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0933.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-0949.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-1112.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9701.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9725.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-1148.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-1117.jpgWedding_Brian_Suzi-9651.jpg

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Bob + Kari’s Wedding – Cardwell, Montana

My third Montana wedding in August brought me just a short ways East of Bozeman — Cardwell, to be exact.


Just minutes from Lewis and Clark Caverns, along a tree-lined pond sits the Cardwell Pavilion, where Bob and Kari had their big day.


Much like the previous August weddings, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. There’s something special about Montana weddings and this one was no exception. We were able to sneak out around sunset to get some awesome portraits of the two of them, something that I like to recommend to all of my clients. You just can’t beat that last hour of sunlight!


I really do get awesome couples to work with, and Bob and Kari were no exception. They were extremely hospitable, easy going and fun to be around.


Congrats guys!



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Kevin + Janessa’s Wedding | Centerplace | Spokane, Washington

I knew it would be a pretty sweet wedding after shooting the engagement session with Kevin and Janessa this summer. And sweet it was.


The day started off with the bride and her bridesmaids preparing for the big day in their suite. I loved so many things about the getting ready shots. Mirrors, personalized hangers, family heirlooms, lace dresses — it was all pretty awesome.


The wedding took place outdoors at Centerplace in the Spokane Valley. The sun was shining, the skies were blue and it was a perfect day to get hitched. One thing about shooting weddings I love is being able to witness all the special little moments that occur throughout the day. I couldn’t help but chuckle (along with everyone else) when the ring bearer followed the flower girl and picked up every single petal she threw down, gently placing them back into his bag and running along to the next ones to pick up.


It really is a neat experience as a photographer to be a part of all the little moments throughout a wedding and to capture them the way I see it through my cameras. It’s something that I look forward to with every wedding and probably what I like most about being a wedding photographer.


I was able to sneak Kevin and Janessa out toward the end of the reception for a few portraits down by the waterfall in Manito Park which was really fun. These two were so great to work with and I wish them the very best for many years to come!



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Clint + Angela’s Wedding | Wedding | Hole in the Wall Ranch | Alberton, MT

I love Montana weddings.


Angela and Clint’s big day was number two of four Montana weddings over the course of August. August is definitely the Montana wedding month for me.


Eighteen miles of windy, dirt road off exit 66 of I-90 takes you to the Hole in the Wall lodge, a quaint, country resort where these two chose to tie the knot.


I loved so much about this wedding. The cowboy boots. The white suits with blue vests. The white DC loafers worn by the guys (I want a pair.) The humongous trees lining the ceremony. The mountains. The hay bails and tree stumps around the perimeter of the dance floor. Should I keep going?


What a great day and celebration these two and their family and friends had, and I’m thankful they let me be a part of such a great day.


Cheers Angela and Clint! Wish you two the best.




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Thai + Jessie’s Wedding – Boardman, Oregon

Just over the Washington border in Central Oregon is a town called Boardman. It’s hot there.


Thai and Jesse’s wedding was the hottest one I’ve shot this year, with the high just under 100. But that didn’t put a damper on their awesome day.


These two got hitched in the backyard of Jesse’s grandparents house. My favorite part about the backyard? The gigantic weeping willow tree which provided shade and shelter from the hot sun. And a nice backdrop behind the alter too.


The reception was at a lodge located smack dab on the Columbia river. It’s fairly flat in Boardman, but that’s not a bad thing when it comes to the sunset. We agreed that we had to catch a few portraits during golden hour (the remaining moments before the sun sets behind the horizon.) Man, was it worth it. I couldn’t have asked for better light for a few last portraits of these two.


Jesse and Thai were yet again an awesome couple to work with. Interestingly enough, they both live in Alaska. And, after talking about their homeland with them, I’ve added a trip to Alaska to my bucket list. I can only imagine what I would do with a camera down there!



Congrats you two and I wish you the best in your journey together up north!



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Jubel + Rafa’s Wedding – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Jubel and Rafa’s wedding was pretty rad.


I went to high school in a town about 10 minutes from where Jubel did out in Western Montana. It’s great shooting someone’s wedding who you knew previously because it’s that much more laid back. This was also a fun wedding because I rented the Canon 135 f2 lens for the weekend because my 50mm was in the shop for repair. That lens is amazing and I will soon add it to my arsenal.


These two had a more intimate ceremony with family and close friends, followed by an epic celebration on a cruise boat on Lake Coeur d’Alene.


Pretty awesome day if you ask me. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day Jubel and Rafa! Congrats!



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Nick + Eleese’s Wedding – Trego, MT

I love Montana.


I was lucky enough to document Nick and Eleese’s wedding in a beautiful setting in Northwest Montana. The town of Trego really doesn’t have much — no cell service, no grocery stores or fast food restaurants. Eleese grew up in this area and if I remember right they did not have running water at her home until she was in the fifth grade.  But what Trego lacks in modern conveniences it makes up with its breathtaking beauty — typical of Western MT. The area Nick and Eleese chose for their big day lies just North of Whitefish and is truly a great place to make some photographs.


From the waterfront home the bridal party got ready at to the ceremony on the shores of Dickey Lake and the reception out in the woods, you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for making some photos.


I will sadly admit that spending a day without cell service was sort of hard. But it was also refreshing and was a good reality check. I think it’s great to get out in the country from time to time and simplify things for a weekend or even a day. I’m glad Nick and Eleese gave me the chance to do that while being a part of their special day! Congrats you two!



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