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Kevin + Janessa – Maternity Portaits

The last time Kevin and Janessa were behind my lens they were tying the knot (view their wedding blog post here). I was thrilled to hear from them that they have a little one on the way and would like to have some maternity portraits taken. I was real happy with the shoot and Riverfront Park in Spokane, along with the downtown area provided some real nice backdrops to work with. Thanks Janessa and Kevin for giving me the opportunity work with you again, and congrats on becoming parents soon!





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To HDR, or not to HDR…

Starting off as a budding photographer in the digital age, I consider myself very lucky to have escaped the HDR phase of shooting most amateurs succumb to. HDR is short for high-dynamic range photography. Basically, it’s multiple exposures (often three or five), ranging from underexposed to overexposed, that are then merged together to form one single photo that contains a much wider dynamic range than could ever be captured with one photo. HDR photography has been around for a while; the problem is, with easy access to digital cameras and editing programs like photoshop these days, nearly anyone can make and HDR, and the results are sometimes hideous.


Today I took five bracketed shots taken at 50mm of Riverfront Park in Spokane at sunset to merge together in Photoshop and play around with. I found that if you don’t go overboard (unlike many people) in tweaking the sliders and adjustments, you can actually come out with a pretty neat and realistic-looking picture. In theory, an HDR should look more real to how the human eye sees something, as our eyes have a higher dynamic range than a camera’s sensor.


I’m still not very big on this stuff, but in situations as this where there are deep shadows and intense highlights, I’ll occasionally throw together an HDR to see how it comes out. I haven’t sworn it off yet, but there’s nothing quite like clicking a single exposure, and in many cases I like to intentionally underexpose shadows or blow out highlights to make the photo more interesting. I think HDR stuff is most useful and has the most potential for landscape photography.


Anyway, here’s what I came up with:

On a side note: here’s kind of an interesting rectangle from Riverfront Park too. The best thing about taking this — everyone kept looking up as if I was pointing my camera at something happening up there. Obviously they didn’t see what I was seeing:

Oh, and I’ll be at Pig out in the Park all day Saturday documenting the event and shooting a few bands, including The Flying Mammals, which I’m super excited about. Guitar players + trampolines can only = awesome photo ops. Blog post to come.

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