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Aaron + Audrey | Waikiki.Hawaii | 09.13.12

I’m sold.


I knew destination wedding photography is awesome, but until I shot Audrey and Aaron’s in beautiful Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, I didn’t realize how truly awesome it really is. You can’t beat traveling and doing what you love and being able to call it work!


These two kept it simple and had a small ceremony in Magic Island park along the water followed by a reception dinner downtown with family and close friends. I loved so much about shooting in this area — the palm trees. The deep blue skies. Waves crashing against rocks. Gorgeous sunsets. It truly is a visual playground for a photographer there.


I want to thank my friend and colleague Jake Donahue  for referring me to shoot his sister (Audrey’s) wedding out here and for Audrey and Aaron for flying me out to make it happen! It was a quick trip but a blast nonetheless.


And of course I had to snap some frames around the area for myself in which I’ll be posting sometime soon. I took my newly-acquired Canon EOS-1 film body with me and shot a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 film as well which I will get developed soon to share on my blog as well.


Congrats Aaron and Andrew, and Mahalo for having me along for the ride!



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Clint + Angela’s Wedding | Wedding | Hole in the Wall Ranch | Alberton, MT

I love Montana weddings.


Angela and Clint’s big day was number two of four Montana weddings over the course of August. August is definitely the Montana wedding month for me.


Eighteen miles of windy, dirt road off exit 66 of I-90 takes you to the Hole in the Wall lodge, a quaint, country resort where these two chose to tie the knot.


I loved so much about this wedding. The cowboy boots. The white suits with blue vests. The white DC loafers worn by the guys (I want a pair.) The humongous trees lining the ceremony. The mountains. The hay bails and tree stumps around the perimeter of the dance floor. Should I keep going?


What a great day and celebration these two and their family and friends had, and I’m thankful they let me be a part of such a great day.


Cheers Angela and Clint! Wish you two the best.




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Thai + Jessie’s Wedding – Boardman, Oregon

Just over the Washington border in Central Oregon is a town called Boardman. It’s hot there.


Thai and Jesse’s wedding was the hottest one I’ve shot this year, with the high just under 100. But that didn’t put a damper on their awesome day.


These two got hitched in the backyard of Jesse’s grandparents house. My favorite part about the backyard? The gigantic weeping willow tree which provided shade and shelter from the hot sun. And a nice backdrop behind the alter too.


The reception was at a lodge located smack dab on the Columbia river. It’s fairly flat in Boardman, but that’s not a bad thing when it comes to the sunset. We agreed that we had to catch a few portraits during golden hour (the remaining moments before the sun sets behind the horizon.) Man, was it worth it. I couldn’t have asked for better light for a few last portraits of these two.


Jesse and Thai were yet again an awesome couple to work with. Interestingly enough, they both live in Alaska. And, after talking about their homeland with them, I’ve added a trip to Alaska to my bucket list. I can only imagine what I would do with a camera down there!



Congrats you two and I wish you the best in your journey together up north!



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Nick + Eleese’s Wedding – Trego, MT

I love Montana.


I was lucky enough to document Nick and Eleese’s wedding in a beautiful setting in Northwest Montana. The town of Trego really doesn’t have much — no cell service, no grocery stores or fast food restaurants. Eleese grew up in this area and if I remember right they did not have running water at her home until she was in the fifth grade.  But what Trego lacks in modern conveniences it makes up with its breathtaking beauty — typical of Western MT. The area Nick and Eleese chose for their big day lies just North of Whitefish and is truly a great place to make some photographs.


From the waterfront home the bridal party got ready at to the ceremony on the shores of Dickey Lake and the reception out in the woods, you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for making some photos.


I will sadly admit that spending a day without cell service was sort of hard. But it was also refreshing and was a good reality check. I think it’s great to get out in the country from time to time and simplify things for a weekend or even a day. I’m glad Nick and Eleese gave me the chance to do that while being a part of their special day! Congrats you two!



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John + Kelsey’s Wedding – Boise, ID

My first wedding of the season brought me to beautiful Southern Idaho to document John and Kelsey’s wedding at Barber Park in Boise, Idaho.

This wedding was a perfect example of how everything doesn’t always go perfect and as planned — half of the park was flooding due to high waters on the Boise River, the wind flared up during the ceremony nearly knocking the alter backdrop into the pastor — yet, these two handled it with total ease and kept on going without skipping a beat. In fact, they laughed about it lightheartedly later at the reception. This is one thing I think every bride and groom should understand — a wedding is a huge event to plan and carry out and not everything will be perfect. But, at the end of the day, you’re married to the one you love with the rest of your lives ahead of you to spend together. But a wedding without at least one minor hiccup is almost unheard of.

These two were some of the most easy-going, stress free cats I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, and despite the minor occurrences, they made their big day as perfect as it could be with much laughter and celebration amongst their families and friends.

I’m honored to have been able to document the celebration with these two and I wish them many happy years together!

Congrats you two!




I snapped a few frames in Boise and along the drive through Southern Idaho too. Here’s a few of my favorites from the trip:



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Back to basics

I recently picked up a Pentax K1000 film camera with 50mm f2 lens attached for $35. The camera is one of the most, if not the most popular film slr produced from the ’70s through the early ’90s. Anyone from photojournalists to budding photography students were liable to pick one of these cameras up. Lucky for me, I got mine for about $200 less than what they sold for new (Thanks digital photography!)













I tell people I shoot “fully manual” with my DSLR cameras, but I realized after shooting a couple rolls with the K1000 that putting a DSLR in “manual mode” is far from a true manual camera like the one I just picked up — manual focusing, manual film advancing, manual everything.


I’m not sure how photojournalists were able to use cameras like these, especially when shooting sports, but I bet they were less lazy than we are with our digital cameras. Every time I went to make a frame with the K1000, I had to carefully think about what was in the frame and make 100-percent sure my exposure was where I wanted it and that I was focused in the right spot. Taking a garbage photo means nothing with a digital camera — no cost, no consequences. But with film, that’s a waste of time, money, and film. When you only have 24 exposures in a roll, you tend to make each one count.


Most of the photos from the two rolls I shot in the morning to afternoon along Santa Monica, Venice and Muscle Beaches in Southern California. I have a lot to learn about film (as I know practically nothing at this point) but I was pretty satisfied with my results. I used Fuji 200 speed film (cheap stuff — $6 for four rolls) and had my film scanned at Costco and put onto a cd as jpegs. I did minor editing in Adobe Lightroom 3 and sometimes Photoshop CS5.


My first mistake was probably using cheap film as it seemed quite grainy for 200 speed. My second mistake was underexposing most images a stop or two. I typically do this shooting digital because I always shoot in raw and am able to bring the exposure up while maintaining excellent color detail due to the underexposure, allowing me to add extra saturation in selective color, making the colors really pop after processing. I realized with film that this just results in dark faces that can’t really be recovered successfully in post. I converted most of the files to B&W because I’m really fond of the documentary stuff shot with B&W film. There’s definitely something to be said about making frames with a 50mm. I’m starting to really take a liking to shooting with a 50 again.


Hope you guys enjoy these and I’m sure I’ll be posting more down the road.







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